Our Town Council has six internal committees. Each Councillor chairs a committee and also serves as a member on two others. In addition to three Councillors, each committee has one designated alternate. The chair of each committee reports back at the regular meeting of Council. At his discretion, the Mayor is an ex-officio member of all committees.


The committees are as follows: 


Public Works Committee

Finance Committee

By-Laws Committee

Recreation Committee

Development & Heritage Committee

Municipal Safety Committee


Public Works Committee:


Chair: Claude Willis

          Jerry Hunt

          Robert Wiseman

Alternate: Alvinwood Johnson



The mandate of the Public Works Committee is to provide direction to council in the areas of water & sewer, waste management, roads and other outside municipal services. Meetings are held once a month.


Finance Committee:


Chair: Alvinwood Johnson

           Robert Wiseman

           Claude Willis

Alternate: Jerry Hunt



The mandate of the Finance Committee is to prepare an annual budget, make budget revisions, provide council with advice and recommendations on financial matters, and provide council with timely and accurate financial information. The committee is also responsible for establishing guidelines and policies for the financial administration of council. Meetings are held once a month.


By-Laws Committee:


Chair: Jerry Hunt

           Claude Willis

           Marshall Willis

Alternate: Pam Mongrain



The mandate of the By-Laws Committee is to make revisions to existing by-laws and to prepare new by-laws pertaining to the needs of the municipality. Meetings are held every quarter.


Recreation Committee:


Chair: Pam Mongrain

          Alvinwood Johnson

          Marshall Willis

Alternate: Claude Willis



The mandate of the recreation committee is to provide residents with opportunities to socialize and participate in ongoing events. Meetings are held once a month.


Development & Heritage Committee:


Chair: Robert Wiseman

           Pam Mongrain

          Alvinwood Johnson

Alternate: Marshall Willis



The mandate of the Development & Heritage Committee is to preserve our heritage and to plan and develop areas for residential and commercial lots. Meetings are held every quarter.


Municipal Safety:


Chair: Marshall Willis

           Pam Mongrain

          Jerry Hunt

Alternate: Robert Wiseman


The manadate of the Municipal Safety Committee is to provide direction to council in the areas of fire prevention and protection, municipal enforcement, dangerous goods, traffic flow and overall safety for our citizens. Meetings are held every quarter unless otherwise required.