Pubic & Emergency Services




In case of Emergency, call 911 or one of the services below.

Fire Department




The Hare Bay/Dover Fire Department is located in Hare Bay.


In case of fire call: Fire Department 537-5555




Police Department



 The nearest police department is located in Glovertown 50 km from Dover.


In case of an emergency call: Police Department (709) 533-2828




Ambulance Service



The nearness ambulance service is located in Gambo 23 km from Dover.


In case of an emergency call: Ambulance Service (709) 674-5555




Medical Clinic & Hospitals


Central Health operates two hospitals in our area:


James Paton Memorial Hospital--the largest hospital--is located at Gander, 70 km from Dover.

Call: (709) 651-2500


Brookfield Bonnews Health Care Centre--the nearest public hospital--is located in New-Wes-Valley / Brookfield, 41.5 km from Dover.


Call: (709) 536- 2405



The local Medical Clinic is located in Hare Bay 3km from Dover.


Hare Bay Medical Clinic 537-2209