Public & Emergency Services


Fire Department


In case of a fire the local fire department is ready at all times to respond to fire related emergencies.


In case of fire call: Fire Department (709) 537-5555



Police Department


Nearest police department is located in Glovertown 50 km from Dover. In case of an emergency they can be contacted at anytime.


In case of an emergency call: Police Department (709) 533-2828



Ambulance Service


Gambo ambulance service is located in Gambo 23 km from Dover. They are ready to respond at all times.


In case of an emergency call: Gambo Ambulance Service (709) 674-5555



Medical Clinic & Hospital


Medical Clinic is located in Hare Bay 3km from Dover. They can be reached at anytime by calling:


Hare Bay Medical Clinic (709) 537-2209


Brookfield Bonnews Health Care Centre is our nearest public hospital it is located in New-Wes-Valley / Brookfield; 41.5 km from Dover.


James Paton Memorial Hospital located in Gander is 70 km from Dover


The emergency department can be contacted at anytime by calling:


Brookfield Bonnews Health Care Centre (709) 536-2405


James Paton Memorial Hospital (709) 256-5552 or (709) 256-5553


PharmaChoice / Kittiwake(Drug store and Perscription drop off)


PharmaChoice(Gambo) - (709) 674-5302


Kittiwake(Hare Bay) - (709) 537-2375